This Little Chicky Went To Market, And Is Never Going Home

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Sometimes it seems like a new food market with endless varieties of gourmet vittles opens up in New York every other week. It seems that way because it’s pretty much true and one of my favorite things about living here.

My latest obsession: Gansevoort Market, an awesome new foodie haven in the Meatpacking District, just a short walk from my NY spot. This place is a feast for the eyes and stomach – exposed brick, beam ceilings, and the constant smell of a freshly spread crepe or Neapolitan pizza being pulled from the oven. Yeah. It’s awesome.

Let me take you on a quick culinary tour of my favorites here. As long as I have you thinking about pizza (admit it, you’re now thinking about pizza) you’ve got to make a stop at Luzzo’s first. These slices are thin, crispy and covered with toppings that are so fresh I convince myself this pizza must be healthy. The second or third slice especially.


To continue on a culinary tour of the Mediterranean, there’s Donostia. This tapas spot takes me right back to Spain with their fresh and seafood-influenced flavors but I am mostly a sucker for their tortillas. There’s a rotating “tortilla of the day” you can’t go wrong with but there’s also ham and cheese if you have a taste for comfort food like I do.

Speaking of tortillas, you’ll also find a Tacombi here. There are a handful of these in New York now with their signature old VW bus, these are some of the most authentic tacos I’ve had in New York (carnitas all day), but they make some of the freshest guacamole for an afternoon snack and the tortilla chips are lethal.





On the sweeter side of things, there’s Crêpe Sucre. As I am a crêpe sucker, it’s a perfect fit. These crêpes are impossibly light (I’ve watched them spread the batter a million times like magicians) and delicious enough you can go just plain with some powdered sugar or get a bit more sinful with something like the salted caramel. But if I really need to satisfy my sweet tooth and feel guilt free, I hit up Yiaourti. Picture your favorite frozen yogurt parlor but your base is creamy Greek yogurt with heaps of fresh fruit and granola and nuts for crunch.



And then there’s Aunt Butchies Cheesecake cones which are basically cheesecake filling wrapped in a fried pastry shell. These are too good to ever feel guilty about.



With all the amazing things here to eat, Gansevoort Market is also home to some very cool little shops. My favorite, no surprise here, is Flower Girl. This is truly an artisan flower shop with fresh blooms and everything made to order with an emphasis on really unique varieties and a mix of color and greenery. You can even get a flower crown made to order. This kind of craftsmanship comes with a hefty price so I really only purchase for a special occasion but it’s beautiful just to take a look – something that is much easier to do with flowers than the food.

Which brings me back to pizza…


Xo, Tara

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