Restaurant Spotlight: Commerce

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Part of the reason I love living in the West Village is that even after all this time there’s some corner I’ve never turned down or some neighborhood spot I haven’t seen before.

Enter Commerce. It’s this hidden restaurant in a beautiful old tavern located right on the elbow of Commerce Street (extra emphasis on hidden – Google map this spot before you attempt a visit.) I stumbled in here recently with some friends and now they can’t get rid of me.

It’s their own fault, though, because when you start my meal with a bread basket of up to 10 freshly baked varieties from your devoted in-house baker, including soft pretzels, we’re officially entering into a serious relationship. The love affair only begins here because the rest of the food is pretty sensational. I’ve never been a crazy adventurous eater so for me it’s all about fresh and comforting and my favorites at Commerce are just that – shout out to the brussel sprout salad, sweet potato tortelloni, and the fried chicken to share (or not share, no judgments). You guys make my world go ‘round.




If you’ve saved room at this point (and you need to) there are cake slices the size of your face for dessert, including the Best Coconut Cake (that’s actually what it’s called but it’s not an exaggeration) and a Birthday Cake with rainbow sprinkles. This is the place to host that group dinner you’ve been stressing over – put a candle in one of these and you just crushed the best friend game.

As you can probably tell, I’m a little bit in lust with this place. But when you take great food, amazing service (say hi to Chapman the host, he’s the loveliest!) and a cozy corner of the West Village filled with devoted locals, you know why this restaurant is worth falling for.

xo Tara

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Photos by Melissa Behrens

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