Restaurant Spotlight: Tacos De Tara at Asia De Cuba

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I never made it to Asia De Cuba when it existed in Midtown, but I certainly heard things about it. Lots of magical tales about the best tuna tartare tacos you’ve ever tasted, where the signature cocktails flow like rivers and the ceviches are pretty as paintings. So when I was invited to a group dinner after the reopening downtown, I was ready to separate the myth from the mojito.

Well, pinch me. I found this place is as sinfully good as advertised – so good I asked if they’d have me back for a few snaps of my favorite things I tried. Let’s start with the fluke ceviche. The fish is so fresh it almost dissolves on your tongue but it’s topped with sofrito for crunch and kick. Paired with one of their perfectly prepped mojitos, it’s such a refreshing way to start a meal.



The selection of ceviches is so tempting I could probably eat them all in one sitting, but I had to get right to the Tunapica Tartare tacos. Tunapica Tartare Tacos – say that five times fast. Then eat these five times faster because this is some of the best tuna tartare I’ve ever had. It’s crunchy, sweet and salty and it’s honestly all I want to eat all day, everyday. I’d also like to rebrand them Tunapica Tar-Tara but I don’t know if you can enter a partnership with an appetizer. Might have the team look into that…


My favorite main was the Chili Rubbed Scallops. I’m usually not a huge scallops fan but these were so savory and tasted delicious with the roasted cauliflower. This is like an over-the-top rice bowl of awesomeness, not to mention how beautiful it looked in front of me.


And I wouldn’t be me without finishing on a chocolate note, like this Tres Leches de Chocolate cake with spicy peppercorn ice cream. I think I offered my firstborn child to the chef for the recipe. He was a good sport about it.



Even the second time around, this place was a treat. And I really mean a treat, because Asia De Cuba is definitely on the pricier spectrum of NYC eats. But their amazing cocktails and food make it occasion-worthy, especially for a fun date or with friends. Or to just sit alone at the bar and eat an order of Tunapica Tar-Tara. That sounds pretty magical to me.

Xo, Tara

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