My Sweet Tooth: Sweet Revenge

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A Cupcake By Any Other Name Would Taste Like Sweet Revenge

If it’s cliche to get over a break up with dessert, then I’m happy to be a cliche. I discovered this place at the end of a long relationship, when chocolate felt like the first stop on the road to recovery. But Sweet Revenge is all about a good comeback story. The owner, Marlo Scott, decided she was done working for “the man” and wanted to pursue her true passion- the sweet life. So she opened Sweet Revenge in Greenwich Village and its been serving up desserts to the deserted ever since.


This is more than just your standard cupcake joint. You can pair your cupcakes with wine or beer to really help drown your sorrows. My go-tos are “The Dirty,” a valrhona chocolate cake base with dark chocolate truffle ganache (sourced from South Africa) or “The Crimson and Cream,” raspberry red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting. Pair it with a raspberry bellini and you’ll find yourself saying…well, nothing. You’ll be too busy enjoying the good stuff.





To this day I wonder if they remember the girl who stumbled in, a few fresh tears on her cheeks, looking for some ganache to ease the pain of a break up. Either way, I’d like to say thank you. It’s not easy to mend a broken heart, but it’s a lot easier with a little Sweet Revenge.

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