My Sweet Tooth: Magnolia Bakery

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It Wasn’t Logic, It Was Pudding: Magnolia Bakery’s Best Dessert

Sex and the City was a great show and captured a lot about why I live in New York from friends to fashion and food. But if you’re going to make the trip to Magnolia Bakery and pay homage to the OG female foursome, do yourself a favor and trade that red velvet cupcake for an order of the Banana Pudding.



Nothing against the cupcakes – really, nothing, they’re amazing – but the banana pudding is just about the most satisfying, sweet treat I can imagine and it’s dangerously close to my front step. This creamy dessert is chilled layers of vanilla pudding, Nilla Wafers, and slices of fresh banana. If you don’t happen to be in LA or New York, Magnolia Bakery has an official cookbook you can use to prepare the simple recipe yourself – although POPSUGAR also has provided it here.



If you do happen to be in New York though it’s a nice trip down to the original spot in the West Village. The décor is really quaint and inviting and inspired me to buy one of their vintage cake domes. I’m also told if you come at nighttime you might hear the faint sound of Carrie’s Manolo’s clicking along Bleecker Street.

Okay, I made that up. But a girl can dream.

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