My Sweet Tooth: Catch

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On a cobblestoned street in the heart of the Meatpacking district is a quaint, understated seafood joint filled with devoted regulars called Catch.

Just kidding! I mean, that is where it’s located, but Catch is not your neighborhood Cheers – here, you better know somebody or be somebody if you expect the hostesses to remember your name (I’m working on it). This is the kind of place my girlfriends and I will find ourselves on a Wednesday or Thursday night when we want to…how do you say it…’turn up.’

When the food and scene are this heavily buzzed about, it’s easy to overlook something like dessert. But the Executive Chef Thiago Silva has ventured to make that impossible. I recently got to sit down and enjoy a few of his whimsical and delicious creations.

First up, the Hit Me Cake. Chef Thiago said he developed this over the course of a week to get it just right – he’s pretty meticulous in his craft. This is like a Klondike bar on top of layered cake with handwritten instructions for you to bang it open. It’s all very fifty shades of chocolate.

Then the Magic Apple, which Chef Thiago notes took him a little longer – about three weeks – to get the flavors just right. This one performs a disappearing act in front of your eyes as warm cider caramel melts the outer shell and leaves you with a spectacular ooey-gooey apple dessert. Is my childlike enthusiasm for this experience palpable in these photos? It should be, guys. It should be.

It’s clear to me in enjoying his desserts that Chef Thiago loves what he does. He told me of being a pastry chef, “Sugar is nostalgic. The main thing is creating memories for people because dessert is always a special occasion and always a celebration.”

That’s what my friends and I love about Catch – we create a lot of fun memories there (remind me to tell you sometime about the doctor in his scrubs who wasn’t a doctor). Now if I can just get those hostesses to remember me too, I have a lot more desserts to crack open.


Photos by Melissa Behrens

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