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Growing up in New Jersey, one of our big family outings was getting dolled up, jumping in the car, and going to see a Broadway show. I remember looking forward to these trips so much because Times Square is such a magical place when you’re little. The lights are brighter than Vegas and the shows can transport you to amazing places. It was a feast for my imagination.

One of my biggest regrets since living in New York has been not seeing more shows. I’m a subway ride away and yet I haven’t seen nearly enough of the new amazing productions that have passed through. Thankfully I started to remedy that with my last trip by getting to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.


The play is a really beautiful reworking of a book by the same name, which I’m now compelled to read, and follows the story of a young boy’s investigation while he deals with autism, family, and coming of age. And while the stage production feels really inventive and never loses speed, it was the lead actor’s performance, Tyler Lea, that made this show for me. I read that this is the 27 year old’s Broadway debut. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more from him and, I hope, I’ll be seeing a lot more of Broadway too.

tara-lipinski-broadway-show-4Xo, Tara


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