The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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I try to spend as much time with my girlfriends as possible, but traveling a lot means we aren’t together as much as I’d like. Thank goodness for email, group chats, FaceTime, Instagram, Dubsmash…you get the picture. But once in a while my friends and I just like to surprise each other with a little something extra.

I’m a big believer that a small gift can brighten anyone’s day. And it’s definitely not about cost – even receiving a card in the mail from your friend can be the ultimate pick me up. It’s really the thought that counts. Last year when I was heading out of New York, my friend Billie gave me a makeup bag that says “New York is my boyfriend.” She filled it with chocolate, my favorite, and it’s such a great memento of our times in the city and all the adventures we’ve had there. I surprised her with an Edible Arrangement a few weeks later, which she said she’s wanted forever, so we were both pretty happy. Even little moments like this remind you it’s so nice to give and get when it comes to your friends.

In that spirit, here are some examples of awesome gifts for friends for special occasions or just because. And don’t forget, hugs are totally free.


1. Photo Album

2. Stationary/List Pad

3. Mongrammed Tote

4. Pouch/Makeup Bag

5. Mug

6. Chocolate from Around the World

7. Initial Necklace

8. ‘Thanks’ Packed Party

Xo, Tara

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