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My phone and I are in a serious, committed, long term relationship (until, of course, the upgrade comes out). Like many of you, I’m an app addict. I love discovering new ways to connect, play, capture, and create. I’m hoping you guys can give me some insights about the new apps you’re loving and, in exchange, here are the top four I’m loving right now.


PS Dept

You’re desperately searching for a sold out dress. You call the store. You search online. Nothing. Enter PS Dept. Basically a one stop shop of personal shopping. Message them what you’re looking for and they will find out! I haven’t been able to stump them yet. You can even order and return through them directly. They’ll also help you put together an outfit or options if you’re looking for similar items or completely stumped. This is my new shopaholic haven.


This is basically shazam for wine. Scan a picture of a wine bottle with your phone and the information populates and saves for you. It’ll also show you where you can buy the same wine online and how much it costs. This is how I now keep track of all my favorite chardonnays.


If you follow me on Instagram, this one is unavoidable. Your video selfie game gets elevated by music, quotes, and sounds that just seem to make everything funny. I don’t want to say this has changed my life but…I don’t want to say it hasn’t.

Easy Eraser

One of those magical apps I may never understand but I definitely appreciate. You can erase unwanted objects from your photos. Okay no, you probably can’t scrub a whole ex boyfriend from a photo you look really good in but you might be able to remove that unwanted object from the background of a selfie.

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