I’ll Take You To The Soda Shop

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In a handful of my favorite movies – Grease, Pleasantville, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory – there are some amazing scenes in an old school soda shop. They immediately transport you to a time and place that is replete with delicious nostalgia. I feel like I would’ve really enjoyed myself with a jukebox, full skirt and a chocolate milkshake. Not to mention those cheeseburgers and cherry cokes…

Thankfully, I’ve got Vincent’s. Located on Kiawah Island, Vincent’s is a time capsule of an old school soda fountain and pharmacy in one. Everything here feels decidedly local from the goods to the service. There are your standard drug store goods but also a vast array of sundries that seem to only fit because they feel retro or coastal. Many of the crafts are local, as well as the treats. And people here are on a first name basis. That’s the benefit of living on a tiny island – it’s a throwback, neighborhood feel.


Of course I can’t overlook the best part of the experience that is the soda fountain itself. This is where I really fall back in time and indulge in grilled cheese, crispy fries, chicken tenders and ice cream sodas. It’s like for a minute in my retro world, calories don’t count. And as I sit devouring this sweet and sinful concoction on a rotating stool, my skirt twirling around me, I feel just like Sandy Olsen.

Oh, those summer nights!

Xo, Tara

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