Here Comes The Sunscreen

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You all know I love a sunny day and a golden tan (who doesn’t?) but I am also a super sun-conscious worshiper. Those big hats I wear are not just fashion choices – the sun may giveth, but it taketh away. My mother taught me well that the best weapon to keep my skin healthy and youthful is shade and sunscreen. Shade and sunscreen. Shade and sunscreen. Rinse and reapply.


To allow myself to still enjoy the sunshine (years of freezing ice rinks have made me appreciate the heat that much more), I’ve pulled together my favorite sunscreen products that rotate in my regimen. You may not get tan as fast as you like, but your skin will be grateful for the extra years of good health.

That’s what my momma keeps telling me, and momma knows best.

1. Elta MD

The sunscreen I use on my face daily. I swear I can feel it working.

2. Avene

I keep this in my beach bag and purse for small touch ups. It’s the perfect quickie foundation.

3. Shiseido

For all over protection and extra water resistant.

4. Sun Bum

I love the convenience of the new spray sunscreens for fast application. I throw this in my basket whenever I’m out for a bike ride.

5. The Honest Co.

The easiest lotion to keep in your bag for on the go. There’s really no excuse for going without sunscreen!


And because extra protection never hurts, I always make sure to have my 50+ UPF protection hat to help me find shade whenever I need it. The best part is it folds up and doesn’t loose its shape so I can bring it with me wherever I go.

And I’m not afraid to wear a visor either.

Xo, Tara

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