Workout Wear Wednesday: Make a Splash

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Summer is coming, or already here, depending on where you live. Unless you’re in, say, Australia where it’s winter. Sending you warm thoughts!

I’m kicking my exercise game into high gear and that means consistently growing my workout wardrobe. Consider it a leftover behavior from my skating days – with every routine comes a new outfit or trend to follow and dressing up was half the fun. You guys know by now I have an affinity for vibrant print pants and this Onzie pair is quickly growing to be one of my favorites. These are the kind of leggings that can actually get my butt off the couch because they make a butt look good!


There’s nothing wrong with bringing a little sexy back to your workout game. I think chicas going for a run on San Vincente with no makeup on and determination in their eyes is just as cool as rocking any red carpet look. In that spirit, I love this Under Armour Tie Back top. You can tie it a number of different ways so it’s breathable but shows a nice peek of skin. I like to pair it with a sports bra featuring a fun back design. Check out this one from Forever 21 for a similar style.

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Oh and my cartwheel game? Yeah, still got it.

Xo, Tara

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If this article article doesn’t give you motivation to go for a jog then I don’t know what will.

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