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Hope you all had a great long weekend! It’s unofficially summer now which means I will not think twice about wearing white and drinking rosé – not that I did much before. It also means it’s the coming together of BBQ and bikini season, and with that, I’ve got to step up my game.

Thank goodness for my friend Chelsea, who you’re all probably getting pretty familiar with by now. She’s my West Coast sister and “kicker of butt,” unofficial title, because she’s an amazing fitness instructor by day (if you can, get to one of her Barre classes at Exhale and see what I’m talking about).

The luxury of having this lady around all the time and so full of energy and she doesn’t mind running a little yoga session in my backyard for a change of scenery. There’s definitely something very zen about stretching out by the water.  And when we start to heat up it’s always a good option to jump in.

In case you also went a little overboard this weekend, here’s a look at one of my favorite yoga sequences. It’s a great way to target your hamstrings and booty for a deep stretch. It’s also up to you how brief or intense you want the routine to me. I recommend a solid 20 minutes in the circuit. Give yourself a chance to get into it. Inner peace isn’t built in a day!


Time: 10 minutes, minimum but I recommend 20

Equipment: All you need is a mat and a friend. Okay, friend is optional but highly encouraged


Warrior 3  

Form: Base knee soft, hips square to the ground, waist pulling in with a neutral spine.

Work: Balance hold for 30 seconds, lengthening heel back and crown of the head forward. Then pulse, lifting the leg 2 inches and contracting the gluteal, 30 pulses.


Half moon

Form: Hinge forward reaching for the ground with base hand, and sky with the other, spin your hip open while engaging your core.

Work: Balance hold for 30 seconds, keeping length in the legs with abdominals pulling in.   Making small circular motions, rotate the leg forward and back 15 each way.


Quad Stretch

Form: Rolling your hip open, continuing to gaze down, reach back with the top arm for the foot or ankle. Press your hip point forward to open up the chest, hip flexors and quads. After a 5 second hold release the hand and re-extend the leg returning to warrior 3.

Work: To lengthen the leg and challenge your balance reach back for your foot or shin. This allows you to open your heart, hip flexors, and quads!


Standing Split

Form: Finger tips to the ground extend your leg to the sky. Release your head and neck, keeping base knee soft, iron out behind your extended leg.

Work: Once you find length, 30 pulses on each leg.


Curtsy Lunge 

Form: Starting with a standing split, soften into base knee lowering extended leg behind the leg, tapping the toe to the ground.

Work: 10 full range curtsy lunges (each leg) and with the final lunge, wrap the leg behind and take a seat on the mat.


Seated Spinal twist   

Form: Sit with legs loosely crossed and one knee slightly lifted. Pull knee towards body with opposite hand.

Work: Releasing your low back engage the core and gaze over the shoulder.

 Circuit: Complete circuit and repeat other side.

xo Tara


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