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There are two types of people: those who are addicted to the gym and those who must be summoned by a pitchfork mob to go near it. Okay, I lied. There’s at least one more type out there and that’s me.  As a former pro athlete, I know the gym is where the real work gets done. I met amazing trainers and experts there who made me the strongest and most resilient I could be. But that was like (counts fingers and toes to herself) a lot of years ago and I’ve since become a big fan of the organized, rotating workout. Spin, Barre, Yoga – these are the kinds of 45 minute – 1 hour commitments of being told what to do I am awesome at making. But the gym?


For me, the gym now is completely self-motivated, and that’s the hardest and best part. I don’t have a team conditioning me or a set of exercises someone is watching me perform. The gym is about me making a deal with myself or with the floor mat or the Stairmaster or friendly-but-deadly exercise ball to keep my body in fighting form. But knowing it’s all you makes the reward that much sweeter and that’s where the gym becomes a transformative place. Plus I “bumped into” fellow Olympian Parry O’Brien and that gave me some serious motivation.


So here are some exercises for you to try out next time you’re at the gym, or even at home if your gym is you, the living room, and a ball. Make yourself a promise. Make me a promise! Set some #goals, and kick butt.

Workout #1

Workout #2

Xo, Tara


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