When the Desert Calls: My One Stop Coachella Fashion Picks

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Well, it’s that time of year everyone. I’m about to dust off my flower crowns and head out for Coachella. After a handful of years in attendance, a lot of festival goers have retired their fringe booties to the back of their closets, but as long as there’s sunshine, music, and a few good girlfriends willing I’ll keep making the trek to the desert.

I’m not ashamed to admit a good part of what I love about Coachella is the fashion. It’s the one opportunity I get to really let my bohemian chic flag fly. To help me achieve some of my favorite looks, I visited Calypso St Barth in Brentwood, CA. I know they’re probably known more for their easy, tropical fashions, but it’s a great destination for some of those hippie chic staples that wear so well in the Indio valley. Here are a few of my favorite pieces I tried on.







1. Fringe suede vest – The layered look of Coachella is, believe it or not, actually functional. It can get cold at night so I love that this piece easily works when thrown over shorts or a dress and is neutral enough to work with any outfit.

2. Pink scarf and sandals – These add such a nice pop of Spring color to any look. The scarf is perfectly light and easy to tuck in my bag until it cools down in the evening. And I was a little skeptical of the Birkenstock revival at first but there’s a reason these are classics – so comfy!

3. Hat – I’m big on sun coverage for my face so I love the wide brim and slightly western shape.

4. Jewelry – Like the clothes, festival jewelry for me is all about layers. These long, colorful necklaces have a fun, relaxed vibe and I love the mix of turquoise and stone in the earrings.

5. Boots – You have to go with comfort first on your feet since most of the day is spent walking/dancing through the fields. If I have to sacrifice my heels I want to do it for fun booties like these.

6. Bag – This gold fringe bag is the perfect size to hold a layer and bottle of water and the metallic color is an unexpected twist on the staple Coachella carryall.

See you in the desert!


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Thank you to Calypso St Barth for partnering on this post.

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