When Life Gives You Lemons, Dress Accordingly

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I can’t wait to give you all the full recap of my European adventure but in the meantime, this dress is a little ray of sunshine. For all the blue, sparkling waters and green cliffs, Capri is bathed in yellow – Mediterranean sunshine, golden roses, and fresh lemonade stands where lemons are picked from overhangs for refreshment and the owner serenades the crowd.

It seemed only natural to break out this Parker crinkle chiffon dress to match this sunny sliver of the world. From the color to the ruffled skirt, this halter summer dress was light and breezy and swayed effortlessly through the cobblestoned streets. Sometimes there’s just nothing like a bright yellow dress with light blonde hair! To complete the look I wore my gold low wedges.


At one point during the day I waltzed into a perfumerie wearing this outfit and a woman instantly ushered me to a signature Capri scent. It reminded me of a lemon candy I grew up eating – refreshing, citrusy, and bright.

Now, when I put it on at home, it will remind me of Capri and the sound of a traditional Italian song under a garden of lemons.




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Xo, Tara

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