Wednesday Wish List: Desert Dreams

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It almost seems silly to be writing about fall fashion while LA continues to heat up, but Fashion Week in NYC waits for no weather. Next week, I’ll be scouring the Internet for snaps from some of my favorite designers’ catwalks. In the meantime, I’ve already started culminating my list of “lust have” items for next season. Here are just a few of the decidedly desert staples I’m craving to add to my fall wardrobe.



1. Pamela Love Earrings:

I love the trend of studs with a decorated closure and the fact that Pamela Love has made turquoise that much more acceptable to continue wearing post-Labor Day. These will carry me through even Coachella.

2. Rag & Bone Fedora:

I am Indiana Jones-ing for this Rag & Bone fedora. I love how this feels a little masculine but soft and classic at the same time.

3. Michael Kors Ankle Boots:

I’m sometimes wary of calf-hitting boots for cutting off my legs, but these actually make your leg appear narrower and are complimented by a serious heel. Not to mention the tassel detail is too cute to be ignored.

4. Barbajada Wrap:

It’s a poncho. It’s a wrap. It’s a cape. Whatever it is – it’s gorgeous. I love a good fringe detail and this feels like the perfect layer to add on at night when the chill sets in.

5. Chloe Sunglasses:

No matter where you are, sunglasses are a 365 necessity, but I like to switch up my styles in the colder months. These structural frames feel super chic and the exaggerated tortoise print is perfect for fall.

Xo, Tara

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