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As rewarding as gift giving can be, it can also be an anxiety-ridden experience. Will she like this? Does she have it already? Am I spending too little? Too much? AHH!

 Well, thank goodness for Packed Party. I stumbled upon this gem on Instagram and I am already obsessed. The basic premise is a beautifully packaged array of gifts around a certain theme – everything from “Happy Birthday”, to “Missing You” to “Just Because.” They continually switch up what’s in the packages so it’s always a bit of a surprise, but you can usually count on small trinkets, home goods or sweets from some of your favorite stores. And, of course, confetti.


 One of my favorite new items from Packed Party is the “Doorstep Necklace.” It’s a beautiful charm of a front door that you can have inscribed. When I saw it, I just had to get it, because I was looking for some way to keep a memory of my New York house. I know I won’t always have a home in the city and it was a really special way to keep it close to my heart.


 So now, thanks to Packed Party, the only question you’ll struggle with when it comes to gift giving is, “should I keep this for myself?”

Xo, Tara

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