New Year, New Attitude

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First things first – Happy New Year! I hope you were able to celebrate and take a little time off for you. A new year always feels like the closest thing we get to a reset button. It’s a good time to reflect and an even better time to look forward to what’s next.

That said, I am not personally a huge fan of resolutions. I just try and focus on the bigger picture and commit myself to doing things that make me happy and taking good care of myself and others. I’m sure a lot of you have made promises to yourself around health and fitness in the New Year and that’s great. But don’t go to war with the scale or the mirror! I’m guilty of fixating on these things too, but the best thing about an active lifestyle is it’s about strength, confidence, motivation and support much more than a number.

And it should be fun! One of the things I’ve really tried to do is incorporate more workouts and activities into my life that I enjoy doing so it feels less like an obligation. I’m a huge fan of barre, spin, and anything outdoors – trust me, walking my dog is a workout.

I also love refreshing my fitness wardrobe and I’ve just done that thanks to Victoria’s Secret Sport. As you know, I’m a fitness fashion junkie, but I’m especially picky about style and function. My new wares from VSX are super breathable and supportive, but also come in so many color ways you’ll have trouble choosing your favorites. From the VS Sport Bra to the Keyhole-back Long sleeve Tee, every layer is made to be shown off. I’m also obsessed with their new Sherpa jacket that is so warm and cozy I don’t always take it off inside – especially if I’m on an ice rink.

So whatever it takes for you to feel good in 2016, let’s go for it together. You’ve got my full support.


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Xo, Tara

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