Tradition, With A Twist

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Something happened to me in Sochi in 2014. Okay, a lot of amazing things happened and it’ll be a time Johnny and I never forget, but I made a critical style discovery: the side braid. It sort of became my signature that season and a lot of my favorite TV and press appearances feature that look – a messy, oversized large braid swept to the right with plenty of healthy falling curls. After carrying it on for a little while longer, I retired my side braid for a bouncy blowout.

But now that Johnny and I have reunited for skating season, I’m back with braids on the brain. I’m looking for a new style to rock and did a little scouring to find some hair-spiration. Here are a few of the different looks I’m intrigued by. Let me know if you see any favorites!


1. I don’t wear my hair “up” in the classic sense a lot but this oversized bun with a climbing braid might be the look that flips me.

2. This might be a top contender – using a braid to double as a headband. This has the kind of romantic but easy feel I loved from the side braid.

3. A really classic half-up do and simple braid. This one is pretty timeless.

4. Who doesn’t love a bohemian crown braid? I’d have to spend a lot of time on Youtube if I want to master this myself.

Xo, Tara

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