Throwback Thursday: House of Vintage LA

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Aside from travel, I do most of my exploring in clothing racks. At House of Vintage in LA, this adventure takes on the form of time travel. I may live all the way by the Pacific, but there’s no better reason to cross the 405 than this place. My friend Ally has been helping me hunt for the perfect dress for a special formal event I have coming up and so we started the hunt here.

The best thing about vintage is that every single item of clothing has a story. Every dress, shawl, and handbag used to live in someone else’s closet, attended some fabulous event, or may still contain a business card in a forgotten pocket that leads to a story all its own. But House of Vintage isn’t exactly Macklemore thrift shoppin,’ it’s more like designer heaven. Missoni, Lanvin, Chanel, Pucci, the list goes on. It’s amazing to see these fashions old and new mixed together and how many of these pieces remain timeless.


Lilly Pulitzer:  Pink viscose Lilly Pulitzer “The Lilly” dress with matching sash from the 1960s.  Sold exclusively by Lord and Taylor Fifth Avenue.  Very Palm Beach socialite. Size 4  $145


Mike Benet Formals:  A beautiful ball gown from the late 60s-early 70s.  The gown has a white net skirt with a silver sequin bodice. Made by Dallas-based designer Mike Benet Formals.  Vintage size 6 Modern size 0  $1200


Hervé Léger:  Yellow and black “Bandage” dress from the early 1990s.  From the original designer, these pieces are hard to come by.  Size XS-S  $850


Missoni:  Classic rayon scarf by the famed Italian fashion house Missoni.  $55


Vivienne Westwood:  From the A/W 1993 “Anglomania” collection, a mini kilt suit in Bruce of Kinnaird Ancient Tartan with gold buttons featuring the Vivienne Westwood Orb logo.  A piece from the same collection can be viewed at the FIDM museum.  UK size 12 US size 4-6  $3000


I haven’t landed on the perfect dress just yet, but here’s a few of my other favorite finds from the day. Let me know any of your favorite places to treasure hunt! I’m always looking for more vintage havens.

Gianni Versace Couture:  A long black crepe evening gown with the famous “Medusa” silver medallions on the front and back straps.  Designed by Gianni Versace in the early 1990s during the Supermodel era.  Size S  $1700

Lillie Rubin:  Fabulous 1960s tiered Chantilly lace evening dress covered in gold sequins designed by Miami-based company Lillie Rubin.  Size 2-4.  $650

Jeanne Lanvin:  Original Jeanne Lanvin Adaptation evening dress from the 1930s.  Black crepe skirt with lace bodice covered in black sequin bows.  Attached belt at the waist. Comes with a matching evening jacket also in black crepe.  Fits size 4-6  $2500

Emilio Pucci:  Fun 1960s blue Pucci sundress in 100% cotton.  Classic retro Pucci print with the Emilio signature.   Totally Jackie O in Capri.  Size 2-4  $450

Xo, Tara

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