The Eyes Have It: Summer Sunglasses

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Once in a while I develop an unhealthy obsession with a particular fashion item. There was the year of the bandage dress, one for oversized sweaters, even bracelet stacking and jumpsuits (that one might be ongoing). But right now I’m all about sunglasses. This is my favorite summer accessory from the range of colors and materials to styles and prices. They can transform an outfit and make a simple summer dress feel endlessly chic. Here’s a glimpse at my hoard and a few I’m dying to add to the mix.


The goes-with-everything pair of sunglasses I splurged on for the season. The gold color and similarly tinted lenses feel pure luxe.

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Oversized, hip and retro for when you’re dedicated to your summer whites like I am.

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For some reason I feel completely rock and roll when I wear these. I love the flat lenses and chunky plastic frame. They almost look like the glasses you get at the movies which helps give them that futuristic, fun edge.



This is the closest I’ve come to achieving the aviators look but I’m thinking of actually springing for a pair this season.  Everybody wants their Top Gun moment!

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The perfect summer purple for any daytime look. These actually lighten up my face.


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Xo, Tara

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