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Hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend and celebrated the end of summer as much as the beginning!

I’ve been thinking…there’s a reason we steal our significant other’s sweater and that “boyfriend” jeans have become a trend with staying power – oversized clothing is just too darn cozy. And in the fall, that’s how fashion should be. I love a more relaxed silhouette that is designed for layering. And thankfully, designers do too, so you can get the same look whether or not you have someone’s sweater to steal.

Long cardigans are one of my favorite fall go-to’s. They’re like an adult security blanket. This season, I’m loving them in bold, desert-like prints and extra, extra long. On me, maybe too long, but that’s almost impossible since the more exaggerated the silhouette, the cozier you’ll be.

tara-lipinski-sweaters1. Free People Stripe Alpaca Blend Coat

2. Sun & Shadow Hooded Cardigan

3. Billabong Cardigan

4. Sun & Shadow Collar Cardigan

Xo, Tara

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