Sleep No More

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There are three things that I’ll fly across the country for on very little sleep: friends, family and skating.

During Grand Prix season, I get 2 out of 3 when I meet up with Johnny and we get to watch skaters like this past weekend knock it out of the park. I was seriously so blown away by Ashley Wagner and Patrick Chan’s performances.

To be camera ready during work weeks like this though, it takes a village. Thank goodness for my makeup artist Emily (she’s a saint) and this Parker dress for transforming me from my sleepy state. We threw my hair into a high pony to show off the bare shoulders, which is becoming one of my favorite looks. Coupled with a pair of peekaboo Louboutins (similar here) and I was ready for action.


Time to trade these red eyes for a redeye. I’ll be back soon Johnny dear!

Xo, Tara

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