Runway In Review

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I’m back in New York at the tail end of fashion week and it’s my favorite time to be here. You can tell the city is bustling. It always gets like this right after Labor Day when all the students are back and people aren’t escaping every weekend. There’s a lot of good energy – and a lot of good fashion to see.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to any of the shows this year, but I’m sharing with you a bunch of my absolute favorite looks I’ll be dreaming about until spring.


1. Carolina Herrera

Every outfit on Carolina’s runway was stunning. It felt like a rose garden party from the shades of pink to the pleating and light delicate fabrics. This outfit looks like it is floating. It’s truly ethereal.

2. Diane von Furstenberg

You’ve probably already seen this photo because it’s Kendall Jenner rocking this look but it was by far my favorite piece from DVF – and there is some competition there. I love a great romper and the fact that this has butterfly print without feeling kitschy. My inner hippie is so happy!

3. Burberry

This collection made me rethink how I feel about lace. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but this felt edgy versus dainty. This dress is a mix of so many patterns and textures but still feels classic and very Burberry.

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Another familiar face, Gigi Hadid nailed this look at the Tommy show. I loved the Caribbean, color-soaked outfits and heavy, healthy dose of crochet. This dress really summed up the vibe.


5. Ralph Lauren

Forget the rules – white is a year round color for me. I’d probably wear this right…now. I actually love the mixing of the ivory and clean white and the caramel colored coat. This is Top Gun chic. So bad***!

6. Carolina Herrera

I loved everything that came down this runway. I couldn’t help but include it twice.

7. Zimmerman

I think you can spot a Zimmerman dress from a mile away because they have such a unique style. I get naughty French maid vibes from this mini and I’m not mad about it.

8. Naeem Khan

I am freaking out about how beautiful this collection was. You all know how I feel about florals (never enough) but apparently Naeem Khan knows that more than anyone. I love the vibrant colors and detailing. I wish I could dress this glamorously every day.


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