Once in a Blue Lagoon

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I wouldn’t normally refer to myself as a morning person, but in LA, mornings are sometimes my favorite time of day. My mother and I designed this backyard together with the goal of creating a space that allowed you to disappear from the world for a while. You just can’t get quiet like this in New York. The backyard is my sanctuary where I clear my head, take my morning coffee, cool down, and write.


This is where I get to spend my time in all the loungewear I love too. Right now this cover up is on the top of my list. Something about this Aqua piece just feels very me. I think it’s the combination of the bohemian and romantic look. The fringe is Palm Desert while the bare shoulders and bright color bring me back to the Mediterranean. It’s just effortless and pretty, and if you can say that about an outfit, you know it must be a good one.



Xo, Tara

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