Hair How-To: My Everyday Braid

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I don’t know exactly when I became a braid fanatic but this has become my go-to hairstyle for everything from a lazy Sunday to a Wednesday night out. My favorite thing about a good braid is that, for me, it takes dirty hair and only one product – Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. They just released a new version too called Surf Infusion and I can’t get enough. Usually I’ve got so much hairspray going on for appearances that this soft, light spray actually feels good on my hair. You can snag it now at Sephora.

Okay stick with me here because I’ve never done a hair tutorial before but I get a lot of questions about my braids and curls so here it goes!

1. I said it already but definitely try and start with unwashed hair. It gives the curl and braid more to “stick” to and easier to work with. Plus by the time you’re done with this style no one will know.

2. Make a deep side part so your braid will lay on one side when you’re finished.


3. Curl your hair in two inch sections. I recommend a T3 styling wand (the kind without a clamp) because I’ve found it really gives my curls the best hold. Wrap your hair around the wand having it point face down for more volume at the roots of the curl.


4. Once you’ve curled all the hair, liberally apply Surf Spray to the bottom of your hair and scrunch your hands through the curl for a beachy texture.


5. Pull all your hair to one side and start the braid fairly low (right below the chin) with the hair closest to your face as the first strand. This keeps the braid looking nice and loose. I also like to leave just a bit outside of the braid to frame the face.


6. Braid up to a few inches from the ends of your hair, then pull the braid apart a bit throughout to keep it a bit unkempt. If the braid feels a bit loose at the back of your head you can sneak a bobby pin underneath for support.


Voilà! That’s my daily look. And if this doesn’t come out quite right the first time, just know that it took me a lot of practice to get my hair looking this messy and fabulous.

Xo, Tara

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