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LA got some much needed rain this weekend. Secretly, I love when it storms in California. It’s a great excuse to gather your friends for an evening at home. And when I’m playing hostess, I like to keep it simple. That means great wine (Decoy Pinot Noir please), plenty of snacks (dark chocolate almonds are a must), and board games (anything but Risk).

 It also means a comfy and cool party outfit. I just snatched up this new romper from Aqua that I love. The pattern is a lot of fun and the shorts are the perfect length – nothing worse than a short romper that completely rides up when you sit down. I also wore these new bracelets from Carolyn Colby to pick up some of the colors. I’m really into geometric jewelry so these were the perfect compliment to some of the staple pieces I already wear. In keeping with that theme, I threw on my Nordstrom sandals that are perfect for evening lounging.


 But don’t think these nights are pure relaxation. When you come to the Lipinski household for game night, you play to win.


Romper, Shoes, Bracelets and Anklet

Xo, Tara

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