Brentwood Country Mart Part 2: The Sweetest Thing

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This will be one of those rare occasions I write about something sweet that is neither chocolate nor edible. It’s Sugar Paper, a lovely little paperie and sundries store that has become my go-to destination for cards and small gifts to go along with them. Today I picked up fun long matchsticks and some candles for my house. My friends who have received things I’ve purchased here must know I love them quite a bit – it’s hard to not keep everything from here for myself.


One thing you can count on me to give though is hand written cards. Perhaps it’s the same side of me that loves physical books so much, but there’s something extra meaningful about someone putting pen to paper and adhering themselves to the page. It’s also a lesson my mother taught me early in life – whenever you can, send a card. Thank yous, happy birthdays, just because – send a card. Thankfully Sugar Paper has a website so you can peruse some of their offerings online. A few of my favorites here, here and here.


If you happen to be in LA though I recommend a visit. The store itself is curated beautifully and it’s much more fun to walk out with a couple sweet things you never knew you needed.

Xo, Tara

TopMaje Skirt (sold out), Shoes

Photos by Allyson Connolly

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