Boots and ‘Brellas

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When you look in your closet at “investment” items, you might pull out the perfect little black dress or a structured leather coat. For me, that also includes my umbrella and rain boots. I recognize this is something Californians might never think to, or have to, worry about, but in New York, we’re all familiar with those umbrella graveyards that line the street after a windy, rainy nor’easter. You don’t have to break the bank (even though they can get pricey) but $5 corner stand umbrellas just won’t cut it. It took a few months of New York living before I realized rain was going to be a more regular part of my life. So I decided it was time to boldly, and fashionably, face the rain.


 These are my two staples: neutral rain boots and a Burberry umbrella. First and foremost, both keep me dry, but they also manage to transform even a simple rainy day outfit into a “London is Calling” moment. I love these so much I even packed them with me in the off chance California saw rain. And did we ever.


 And you know, those puddles weren’t going to splash themselves.


Some inspiration for your own boots and umbrellas:



#1, #2 & #3


#1, #2 & #3

Top & Shorts

Xo, Tara

Photos by Allyson Connolly

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