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I might be the world’s weirdest health nut, because I crave good, clean foods in the form of chocolate and pizza. Thankfully I’m finding more and more recipes that allow me to satisfy my indulgent side responsibly. One of my favorite places near my house is Kreation, a health food café in Santa Monica that’s both savory and delicious. They’re probably best known for their juices (they do have cleanses) but my personal favorite are their awesome smoothies. Chelsea and I often hit this place up after an Exhale class and dive into the Chocolate Lovers smoothie to reward ourselves. But since I know I’m heading to New York soon, I figured we should try and DIY it so I can have it wherever I am.






So with a little mess and a lot of chocolate, here’s our own version of a chocolate smoothie we are calling,

“Chelsea and Tara’s Cocoa-Nutters For Cocoa” Breakfast Smoothie

-Two frozen bananas (I suggest freezing overnight)

-Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

-A (generous) scoop of carob chips

-A (generous) scoop of Cacao powder

-1 TBSP of peanut butter (optional)

Note: You can add a shot of espresso for a little something extra.

All into the blender and around they go. Total time is about 5 min.


And there you have it. A chocolate lover’s smoothie packed with superfood and protein power to help you take on the day.

Xo, Tara

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