Hunting For Treasure in Brentwood

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Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I’m happy to be settling into my LA digs long enough to catch up with some friends and enjoy a home cooked meal.

As much as I love my neighborhood Whole Foods (and I do, I really do) there’s definitely something special about the local Farmer’s Market on Sundays in Brentwood. I love being able to spend an hour on the weekend here just taking in the California sunshine and exploring all the local eats. It’s a feast for the stomach and eyes looking, smelling, and tasting all the beautiful produce. Love those free samples!



I try and take home something new every time I visit here. This week I tried pummelos for the first time. They’re like a sweeter version of a grapefruit. I’ve been digging into these at breakfast and love them. I also snapped up some porcini mushrooms, which I’m used to having dried but the owner was proud to offer up fresh. He told me the restaurants buy them up like crazy so I was lucky there were some left.






I’m hoping to get back next weekend and discover something new. I’m not always the most enterprising eater but at the market even buying romaine can feel like a bit of an adventure.

Xo, Tara



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