Brentwood Country Mart Part 3: Get Reddi

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Our tour de force of the Brentwood Mart ends where all good things end – with food. Call it my Texas roots but BBQ is in my blood and when I visit Reddi Chick, it’s in my tummy, too. They’re mainly known for their juicy rotisserie chickens and BBQ sauce which is so aromatic you get hungry whenever you’re in the vicinity. But for me, Reddi Chick is the place I indulge in one thing, and one thing only.


I shall profess my love in a poem. A haiku for Reddi Chick’s chicken tenders:

Chicken tenders are

Salty crunchy fried goodness

In happy baskets

Hey, I’m no Dickinson, but we all have to start somewhere. There are just no real words for how much I love these crispy fried favorites. I’m not sure what they do to make them taste to uniquely magical but whatever it is it works. Served on a healthy portion of fries? Sold.


And honestly, what good is a chicken basket al fresco without a fitting dessert? Head to Sweet Rose Creamery for their seasonal flavors and unique toppings. I’d write a poem about it, but you’ve indulged me enough today.

Xo, Tara

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Photos by Allyson Connolly

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