The Little Things: A Design Philosophy

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Growing up on the road I developed such an appreciation for home, not just as a place but also as an idea. My mother took great care and still does to breathe life into our house by considering even the smallest details. A soap dish is never just a soap dish but an old porcelain tray adorned with flowers. A table spread is never just placemats but garlands and candles to dress up the room – and don’t even get me started on Holidays.  When I was bouncing between hotels for skating, I’d carry little mementos with me to make the room feel familiar, because home was a collection of beautiful little things. I still do this even now. It’s amazing how a small trinket can bring personality into a space.


My mother’s love of design in the details has greatly influenced how I transform where I live now. I like to think small. A perfect example is my vanity, which is where I love to primp and prep with my music way up and my Chardonnay sitting by. Originally I had all my makeup and brushes in my drawer, but I decided to use one of my mother’s old tricks and decorate the vanity with antique trays, perfume bottles and vases. The vases are perfect for holding my makeup brushes – I know I know, I have a lot.It makes this small space feel so grand and pretty and I, in turn, feel pretty getting ready there. It’s proof that it’s the little things that can make a big difference.


Here are some great options on Etsy for your own collection here, here & here.

Xo, Tara

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