Something Old, Something Blue

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If shopping for vintage clothes is time travel, then antique shopping is treasure hunting. It might make me sound like an old soul, or maybe just old, but if I see an antique store, I’m going in. These are the kinds of places my imagination gets lost, because a vase or a bracelet or a doll isn’t just a thing, but something that had a life and history all its own before ending up in front of me. Sometimes I buy the most random artifacts just because I feel like there’s a good story behind it and I get to be a part of that.

tara-lipinski-antique-store-7tara-lipinski-antique-store-5tara-lipinski-antique-store-6tara-lipinski-antique-store-Take, for example, this bracelet at the Terrace Oaks Antique Mall in Charleston. It’s from the 1960’s and features a variety of charms from ballet to a little bell. I wonder if this was just fashion or some girl’s wearable autobiography. It looks like it was almost never worn. I wonder why.tara-lipinski-antique-store-3tara-lipinski-antique-store-4tara-lipinski-antique-store-1tara-lipinski-antique-store-9tara-lipinski-antique-store-8tara-lipinski-antique-store-11tara-lipinski-antique-store-13

Terrace Oaks is the kind of place you can spend hours wandering around asking yourself questions like this. Like many antique stores, nothing is necessarily curated in a particular fashion. Every case, shelf and wall leaves something to be discovered. My mother and I have made many trips here to find fun new additions to the house. One of our favorites are blue glass vases that have a distinctly seaside feel to them. I found one on a lovely hue on this trip that I took home.

Many modern design stores have mastered the art of imbuing the vintage feel into their current wares, but I encourage you to take a trip to a local antique store if you haven’t. They’re full of old stories, and if you bring something home, they can become new again.

xo, Tara

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