Praising the Bar

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There’s a little saying I have that goes something like this – “If Tara will not go to the bar, the bar must go to Tara.”

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a homebody so if I’m going to convince my friends to stay in with me for a night of take out and cocktails, I know I’ve got to play hostess with the mostess. In order to maximize my ability to entertain, I recently invested in a bar cart. My friend Ally is an amazing bartender, so rather than sticking her in the bar room or kitchen, this allows us all to congregate wherever the evening takes us…within the house.


I love this bar cart for its size and versatility. It holds anything you need for a full offering of libations and it’s easy to pack up in a corner when the night ends.  I’ve recently been adding to my collection of accessories to go with it.

For wine, I picked up more of my favorite Pier 1 crackle glasses that recently came out in a pretty blue color. I think I cleared out the local store – sorry! I also love these California glasses for myself or as a gift and personalized coasters. Every house needs them!

In keeping with the gold and glass theme, I picked up these tall glasses and decanter. They’re girly but not gaudy. If you’re looking for a little more drama, this globe decanter is a great statement piece. I bet when it’s full of rosé it makes for a pretty picture.

For the liquor drinkers, I snapped up a marble based tool set and Moscow mule cups. I wish I liked drinking old school cocktails because it feels very vintage/”Mad Men” to me but I leave that to my friends.

And finally, a sign to make it official. Just because my bar is on wheels doesn’t mean we don’t take happy hour seriously.

We just take it wherever we are.

Xo, Tara

Luna Dot Decanter

BAR Marquee Sign

Teal Crackle Drinkware

Gold Barware

Slate Monogrammed Coasters

Metallic Bubble Highball Glasses

‘Home State’ Stemless Wine Glasses

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Globe Decanter

Bar Cart

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