Let Her Eat Cake

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I can’t believe how much has happened in the last few months. Between getting engaged and chasing the sun in Rio I feel like 2016 is flying by. Thankfully no matter what, I always get to make time for family.

This past week I flew down to Charleston to surprise my mother for her birthday. There are few things my mother loves as much as flowers or craves as much as cake and I knew I wanted both of those things to be special. It doesn’t hurt that as a bride to be I’ve had my eye on some places lately that excel in both in the Charleston area. I guess that’s a major wedding hint but shhh…

My mother’s favorite color is a soft pink so I knew I wanted that to be central to both the dessert and flowers. Declare Cakes, which is run by a mother and daughter team, created the most beautiful and delicious two-tiered cake for the day in my mom’s favorite flavors – chocolate and strawberry shortcake. Their design was topped off with amazing fresh flowers from Anna Bella Florals, who also created a matching gorgeous bouquet for the table. It looked, felt and tasted like spring and my mother couldn’t have been happier.

Which is good because I feel like there are a lot of cakes and flowers in our near future!


A special thanks so Declare Cakes, Anna Bella Florals and Lauren Jonas Photography.

Xo, Tara

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