Leather Weather

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Even though I live by the beach, I still love to incorporate leather accents in my home. New York lent itself to larger pieces like oversized couches and arm chairs, but when the weather is a little more forgiving all year round I like to introduce it to the space in more subtle ways.

Here are five leather pieces that can help bring a little of this look into your own home:

1. Pillow Cover:

Distressed leather lasts and lasts and looks even better the more distressed it gets. That’s not true of much furniture but it’s definitely true with these leather pillows.

2. Cocktail Shaker:

If James Bond has a cocktail shaker in his home (and we have to assume he does), he’s shaking up martinis with these.

3. Passport Holder:

This one actually leaves my home whenever I travel, but it’s a great gift too for anyone you know who’s a jetsetter – especially since it can be monogrammed.

4. Catchall:

Everyone has that place near their entrance or on their kitchen counter where things just sort of…accumulate. This is a very classy way to disguise the mess.

5. Snack Bowl:

Whether it’s a football viewing party or a Bachelor marathon, I need to have my snacks around to entertain. This leather snack bowl holder transforms the simplest snack and is easy to carry for refills.

Xo, Tara

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