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My mom’s skill for design has never stopped inside of our house. In fact, it flourishes most outside with her love of gardens. She has a keen eye for colors and textures and is constantly researching new types of plants. Any chance we have to visit a greenhouse together she brings me, so I might get one step closer to inheriting that elusive green thumb of hers. I love her enthusiasm, but mostly, I just love the scenery.

Greenhouses and nurseries are actually a lot more fun than I can possibly make them sound. Hear me out! There are endless rows of flora, ferns and ficus with such variety of heights, shapes and colors that your eyes are constantly engaged. It’s like a zoo, for plants. Who doesn’t love the zoo?


On this particular trip, mom and I picked up a few of my favorite plants – a bunch of marigolds for the porch, an orchid to keep in the window, and a cactus just for fun. She also purchased a number of ferns to hang, which are super easy if you’re a novice to plant care.

tara-lipinski-flower-shop-4tara-lipinski-flower-shop-5tara-lipinski-flower-shop-6Mixed Planters- best for outdoors or brightly lit indoorstara-lipinski-flower-shop-8Marigolds- outdoor flowerstara-lipinski-flower-shop-9tara-lipinski-flower-shop-10Orchidstara-lipinski-flower-shop-11Bird Nest Fern- Indoors that are brightly littara-lipinski-flower-shop-12tara-lipinski-flower-shop-14Croton- outdoor planttara-lipinski-flower-shop-17Bromeliad- outdoors or brightly lit indoorstara-lipinski-flower-shop-13

While I really haven’t mastered the art of gardening yet, it’s something I think is worth learning more about. I just love how this living art can liven up a space, indoors or out. And if it means more time spent learning something from my mom, then I’m sold.

Xo, Tara

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