Gonna Write You A Letter

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These days I’m much more used to seeing words on a screen than on a page. Sometimes, it’s not even words but Bitmojis. Or not even Bitmojis but dubsmash videos quoting Mean Girls. Point is, it seems we’re less writing about our feelings and more showing them.

 To me though, writing a letter is the ultimate way to show someone you’re thinking about them or that you care. And, okay, I know it’s just a little notecard but there is some feeling of accomplishment when you’ve put pen to a pretty piece of paper and made your thoughts permanent.

 Here’s a look at some notecards I’ve snapped up. Send me an email at info@essentiallytara.com with one question and I’ll send a few of you a personal note answering it.


1. ‘For You’ Cards

2. Laura Hooper ‘Thank You’ Cards

3. Kate Spade Correspondence Cards

4. Krafty ‘Thank You’ Cards

5. ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ Notebook

6. Marble Planner

7. ‘Merci’ Cards


Xo, Tara

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