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April Flowers

Flowers. Here’s how I feel about them…I love them. Flower arrangements, flower crowns, flower prints, wildflowers, flower power, you name it. Just South of Chocolate, just North of lipstick – there lives my love of flowers.

So when Fleurish opened up in my Brentwood neighborhood I couldn’t wait to try it. From the moment I walked in I felt like a kid in a candy story with the myriad of colors and blooms they had available. But this isn’t your standard flower shop. The concept is that you are your own florist. Professionals and nifty tablets help guide you through making your own bouquet, from snipping stems to the best way to arrange flowers by height and angles within a vase of your choice. They’ll even teach you how to roll a frond accent if you’re feeling adventurous.




The selection, which ranges from ferns to freesias, are priced per stem so your final product might end up anywhere from the $35 to $100 dollar range. It’s a nice alternative to the standard ‘thank you’ flowers and a fun group activity with friends if you’re all feeling creatively inclined.






Don’t worry – you can also leave it to the pros here to put something together for you. But I’m pretty proud of my finished product for my first time. And they let you do that cool little spray at the last minute to give it a final fresh glow. If ever I had floral ambitions, this is the place to indulge them.


Check it out!

Xo, Tara

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