Under The Capri Sun

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I don’t fall in love easily, so Capri is either one of the most dazzling places on Earth or there is something in the water. I am fairly confident both of those things are true. I could hardly sit down long enough to write about it to do it justice while I was there, so I wanted to share a few highlights with you and a handful of photos of my favorite few days in Capri with my best friend Ally.

The first thing to tempt you here is how colorful the world appears. When we arrived, we rode a funicular to our hotel. It felt like a railway in the sky. We stayed at the Hotel Quisisana, which was just by the town center but also nicely framed the water. We started our trip with coffee at the Piccolo Bar, a beautiful outdoor patio with lots of little snacks and apps to whet your appetite and an evening piano player to entertain you. This was probably as close to Elton John as I will ever get.


We cleaned up and went to grab some pasta at Capri’s Restaurant for dinner. I had to get my pomodoro pasta fix and I got it. And then some.

Our next few days were dedicated to more eating and swimming – eat, rinse, repeat. We went to the beach club called La Fontelina (I mentioned when I was able to give you guys a quick update) followed by dinner overlooking the Faraglioni rocks. The menus are seasonal so the food, particularly the seafood, is deliciously fresh. I’ve never even eaten tomatoes and eggplant so sinfully sweet.


A few days into Capri I started to feel more adventurous, so we made a quick trip to Anacapri, which is about ten minutes on the bus. For the best views, you can take a, err, rickety chair lift but hey, I wasn’t feeling that adventurous so took the many, many stairs up the cliffs to the top. The view was absolutely worth it. There is a beach here called Faro that beckons you with cliff jumping into the blue waters below. Ally had to talk me into it but it was a thrill. To continue our adventure, we made for the lighthouse.

At this point, I was willing to do just about anything for another breathtaking view, so we made our way to Ristorante il Geranio. This dinner spot feels like such an authentic Italian kitchen and you can’t beat the view. The only meal I found that could maybe top it was at Aurora where I ate the thinnest and crispiest pizza imaginable. I’m still imagining it right now.

For one last adventure we traveled to the blue grotto, where you can boat your way through the natural wonders of Capri. I felt like an explorer in a new world – a world I can’t wait to get back to.

See the slideshow below for some highlights:


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Xo, Tara

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