The Password Is Amsterdam

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We’ve all heard the rumors about Amsterdam, the city of red lights and bad behavior. But then there is the other Amsterdam – the one teeming with flowers and wide canals, winding cobblestone streets and plenty of mystery. That was the Amsterdam Ally and I explored and the one I tried to behave in.

Amsterdam was the perfect European city to explore. Everyone goes to and from on these vintage bikes up and down the canal. You have to be careful though – crossing the street here is an art. We walked through Vondelpark (their equivalent of Central Park) and took in the beautiful greenery. We stopped at a few flower and food carts along the way. That night, even after all the Italian food, we used word of mouth to find ourselves at a local spot where the owner loaded our table with good food and sat down to chat with us all night about his family history. He even made us a special dessert cocktail with gelato and sent us on our way with a bag of biscotti.

tara-lipinski-amsterdam3tara-lipinski-amsterdam1tara-lipinski-amsterdam2tara-lipinski-amsterdamtara-lipinski-amsterdam7tara-lipinski-amsterdam8tara-lipinski-amsterdam15Tara-lipinski-amsterdam14The next day started quietly by paying our respects and visiting the Anne Frank Museum. What a remarkable young woman. Her diary stays with me to this day and seeing this piece of history in person was really moving. This is a must on any Amsterdam trip.tara-lipinski-amsterdam13

After the museum we boarded a boat to take in much of the city by water. I think it’s probably the best way to see Amsterdam, especially when the sun is setting.

tara-lipinski-amsterdam11tara-lipinski-amsterdam12tara-lipinski-amsterdam10This is not at all to say that Ally and I didn’t get into a little mischief. Amsterdam is full of speakeasys with secret doorways, passwords and adventures to be found. Two of my favorites were Door 74, where you’ll hunt for a doorbell and order your drinks by a board game, and The Butcher, where for the right password you’ll be enjoying delicious burgers. And then late at night we found ourselves at Mystique, where Robbie (find him) made us innocent looking cocktails in teacups with rosebuds and jasmine syrup.tara-lipinski-amsterdam9tara-lipinski-amsterdam4tara-lipinski-amsterdam5

As for anything else? I’ll just say it’s rumors.

Xo, Tara

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