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I really can’t think of a prettier city than Stockholm. It’s surrounded by water so it doesn’t feel quite as urban and you find yourself crossing over one beautiful bridge to the next. Like a lot of European cities, it’s a great way to explore old and new side by side. There’s the lovely Old Town area that is the original part of Stockholm where the buildings are really grand and the cobblestoned streets small and winding. Then there’s the trendy SoFo neighborhood with a lot of up and coming designers where I couldn’t seem to stop buying things – the sweater and earrings I got were so unique but I’m really proud of my antique beer stein.

My friend Alexa and I found wherever we explore we were constantly moving between this old and new world. The Nobis Hotel where we stayed was located in the city center in a 19th century building but had lots of modern finishings and touches and a very bright and welcoming lounge. The concierge had great destinations for us but my favorite restaurant he steered us towards was Nosh and Chow – a very hip and trendy spot with small plates of Swedish cuisine, a young crowd, and great scene.


Because a lot of my travels revolve around food (I think the best way to see the world is to taste it!) I couldn’t be dragged away from the local food market, Ostermalms Saluhall. This makes my neighborhood Whole Foods feel like a suburban corner market. There are stalls of fresh meats, seafood, cheeses and produce as far as the eye can see. I could see this being a local chef’s paradise.

With all the wining and dining, Alexa and I had to dance our nights away at a few recommended nightspots. I’m a sucker for Top 40, and proud of it, so Kakan was right up our alley. It had multiple rooms to it so you could decide if you felt like dancing or just sipping a cocktail and relaxing. If that doesn’t sound aggressive enough, then you, my friends, are looking for Sturecompagniet AB. A few minutes inside and you won’t know if you’re in Stockholm, Miami or Vegas.

Your hangover won’t know either. Beware of that Swedish Vodka!

Notable Highlight:
The Ice Rink in Old Town was so picturesque and a fun place to people watch. I didn’t hit the ice but had a great time seeing my favorite sport alive and well in the heart of the city.

Not Pictured But Worth a Visit:
Taverna Brillo – I wanted to mostly try and eat local fare but pizza is my favorite and this kicked my craving perfectly!

Coffee Break (Fika) – Like a siesta for coffee, we tried Sundbergs Konditori and Strangvagen 1. Great little pause in the day and pairs perfectly with a pastry.

Biblioteksgatan – Like fifth avenue for shopping in Stockholm. Window shopping is free though!

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