State of the Union: Johnny and I Reunite in Washington

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It’s always a party when I get to see Johnny but if you add in the setting of the White House Correspondents Dinner, it’s a party and a tiara.

Okay, a quick myth about this dinner I should debunk for you. It is not at the White House. Maybe you knew that, but I didn’t, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I also didn’t get that coveted selfie with our Commander and Chief…not even a good photobomb! Sigh.

But other than that I can’t complain. It was a pretty magical weekend. First, the dress. I hope you were all as obsessed as I was. I’ve always loved Rubin Singer but this really made me feel like I was having a “moment.” And whenever I’ve got Johnny on my arm I have to step up my game. Didn’t he look fantastic??

Seeing the other faces in the crowd made me feel really honored to be there. Aside from, you know, the leaders of the free world, a few of my other favorites were in attendance. Laverne Cox – what an inspiration and that dress! And a handful of the cast from Modern Family, one of my favorite shows. I think Julie Bowen might be my long lost sister. She told me she watched everything Johnny and I did in Sochi and that SHE was a fan. Julie, anytime you want to lace up some skates and make a day of it just say the word.

I’m sharing with you guys a few other behind the scenes snaps from my weekend, including some of my NBC family and a few of the other parties and dance floors Johnny and I got to visit.


Here are a few fun videos from the night: video #1 and video #2


Anything you guys want to know about the weekend or dinner I haven’t shared? Leave your questions in the comments and you might just hear from me.

Tomorrow it’s all about Derby fashion. Giddy up friends!


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