Happy Hampin’

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Well, it’s time. My first Hamptons trip of 2015. Excited? You bet. It’s been four years since I first ventured East and I’ve never come back without a story or two, many of them not as glamorous as you might think given the location. You have to figure when you hang out at a bar called “Sloppy Tuna,” things might get interesting. And beware the boyfriend who last minute secures housing for the weekend, or you may find yourself sleeping on a half inflated pool raft in a foyer. True story.

But there are certainly amazing memories and moments in the Hamptons. Strip away the allure of the address and you’re left with beautiful beaches, music under the stars, and friendships that could only be forged in the thick of summer. This time I’m heading East with my friend Billie and we are ready to create new stories of our own. Whether or not I can tell them on here next week remains to be seen.






What I can definitely tell you is what’s coming along in my weekender bag. Besides my new affinity for crocheted tops, here are some of my weekend wares:


✔ Victoria Secret Swimsuit top (similar here) and bottom with Cover Up

A little fringe, and a lot of color. I love complimenting separates for swim and a bright cover up for that quick walk to the bathroom…or the bar.

✔ Valentino Flip Flops

The perfect day-to-night sandals (I’ll be packing my Haviannas flip flops (on sale here) too for a better beach option)

Parker skirt

A fun cotton mini-skirt for a Surf Lodge concert or dinner by the water. Flirty, but not too dressy paired with this crop top I picked up in St Barths (similar here and here).

Parker Silk Top

I’ll wear this tank if Billie and I decide to do a quick shopping trip in downtown East Hampton (we probably will) or for a rosé luncheon. Obsessed with the tropical print.

✔ One Teaspoon Jean Shorts

Aside from my light Paige cutoffs (seen here and here) , I love these darker (and shorter) One Teaspoon shorts for a day out East.

Chloe Sunglasses

Because eyes need protection from the sun too!

✔ Bags

This Louis Vuitton is the perfect size for a weekender bag and my mini Chanel purse adds a little flair to a more casual night out outfit.

Saint Laurent Heels

How did these get in here? Kidding – I know I said wedges only but these snuck their way in. You can take the girl out of the heels but she’s going to put them back in her bag eventually. They are also on sale right now!


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