Good Things in Small Packages

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When it comes to being ready for anything, I’m a great traveler. When it comes to packing lightly? Not so much. Especially when I’m bouncing between coasts, I pretty much want to take everything from the heels to the drapes with me. And if there was room for one very oversized dog, he’d be coming too. Alas…

So even as my home becomes a mini-museum of beauty products, I know I can’t bring the whole collection along. That’s where Number One Beauty comes in. I feel like every place has their local beauty store that manages to have the best variety and quality of products and this is Santa Monica’s. And almost anything you could want comes pint sized which means it’s perfect for hitting the road. The upside to this is I can try new products at a smaller investment along with old favorites.


Here’s what I snapped up on my latest visit:

  1. Bumble and bumble Surf infusion shampoo and conditioner

Everything Bumble and Bumble makes for the beach is a must for me. I’m a surf spray loyalist so I had to try out the new shampoo and conditioner. Everyday now my hair smells like the beach!

  1. Dry Shampoo

My stylist always tells me not to wash my hair everyday so dry shampoo is a must. This one, also from Bumble and Bumble, gives a little extra volume and takes out the grease.

  1. Lalicious Sugar Coconut Scrub

I prefer scrubs to body wash in the shower because I feel like they give you an extra feeling of clean. If you want to walk out of the shower smelling like a tropical dessert, pick this up.

  1. Makeup Remover

Late nights on vacation can turn into passing out with a full face of makeup on. Don’t do it! So important to bring your face wash and cleanser with you. And when you look at that cloth after its crossed your face, you’ll be glad you took it all off!

  1. Travel Candle

I love having a comforting candle that smells like home to light in my room wherever I am. This little one is easy to pack and will be perfect for a weekend.

  1. Travel Bag

I feel like every time I travel I need to pick up a new little bag to store all my products. Makeup bags get messy fast! Loved the design of this one. Just wish I was going to Paris too.

Xo, Tara

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