From Italy, With Love

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First, thank you so much to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday. To quote Big Sean, I feel blessed. So blessed, in fact, I think I might actually be in heaven right now in Capri, Italy.

It may have taken cars, planes, boats, buses and even a funicular but Capri was worth the wait. This is the most beautiful island I’ve ever seen! I can’t get over how the water sparkles and the beautiful Faraglioni rocks seem to rise out of nowhere in the distance. At sunset, the view of the ocean from our hotel room is a sight to behold. Even the hotel itself is a spectacle with its white exterior framed against the lush green hills and the beautifully tiled floors. I’m pretty sure my friend Ally and I have moved in here and they’re going to have to drag us out.


Every year we make a girls trip and the plan is to have no plan. The only givens are that we will depend on local intel for recommendations and we will walk. A lot. In fact, we’ll never get in a vehicle if we don’t have to. Upon our arrival we went to the bar, had a delicious glass of wine, and made friends with our server Cristiano who told us the local haunts we’ll have to try. After so much travel we were exhausted, but my parents called me right at the stroke of midnight, eastern standard time, to wish me a Happy Birthday. It made for an early morning but I wouldn’t have started it any other way.



We went straight to the buffet breakfast and scarfed down crepes and coffee before heading to the Fontelina Beach Club. It’s a hidden oasis amongst the rocks of Capri that Cristiano recommended to us. Ally and I camped out under an umbrella and ate the freshest watermelon I’ve ever tasted. Then it was a dip in the water, a little more sunshine, and back to the hotel.





We’re off to dinner and more adventures soon but I wanted to get you guys an update on my travels. Check back for more food and fashion posts from Capri for a little snapshot of heaven!


Xo, Tara

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