Fright or Flight?

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For someone who spent a good part of her life spinning in mid-air, flying and I still have an up and down relationship. Although right now it is down, because my Sunday was spent getting on and off a plane that never quite left for Italy. I’m here now so I can’t complain, but there’s still nothing fun about being told your pilot’s dashboard isn’t working, or the tires are faulty, or that you just spent six hours sitting on a plane that isn’t actually going to take off.

Normally this type of beginning would freak me out a little, but the one good thing about traveling regularly is I’ve taught myself how to trump my flying fears. This list is by no means comprehensive, but here are a few of my personal tricks for travel.



Bring your own pillow. Anything I can do to make my space on a plane cozy and familiar helps for a more comfortable flight.


2. Become friends with your airport bartender

A glass of chardonnay before I fly just takes the edge off.


3. Listen to Britney Spears

A tip I learned from Megan Fox. Nothing bad is going to happen to you when you’re listening to Britney.


4. Learn about aviation

I’ve actually found the more I learn about flying, the more I realize how safe and great it actually is. You also start to learn what all those beeps, roars, and bumps mean and how harmless they are!


5. The window seat

Everyone is either a window or aisle seat and I’m window all day. Unless you are a middle seat person in which case you are probably really patient and low maintenance and I applaud you.


Okay guys now that I’m here in Italy with my friend Ally, safe and sound, it’s time to eat, explore, and eat! I can’t wait to share all these upcoming adventures with you. Follow my instagram for daily updates and I’ll be blogging my Italian adventures soon.

xo, Tara

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