Flashback Friday: Craving Croatia

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There are two things that consistently pop up on my Instagram feed that inspire serious envy:  someone’s dinner spread and scenes from an island far, far away. Recently it was a snap of Croatia that caused me to drift down memory lane, back to a magical trip I took with my friends Ally and Deb last year. Come with me and take a look.

Our trip started in Dubrovnik, a city I’m still not quite sure is real – and is, in fact, the inspiration for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. The city is surrounded by the most beautiful blue water and lined with cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings. You can find an amazing fresh seafood restaurant down the tiniest of alleyways and every storefront seems to have a good story to tell. There’s an old barber shop where a group of old men who are friends since childhood still hang out and tell stories with a cold beer in their hands. I stopped to hear a few.


We followed a random staircase to an old café and found a cliff to jump into the water. It was beckoning us. To explore more of the coastline we took a boat out and caught fresh oysters. There was a stove to cook the oysters right on the boat and we slurped them down with our feet hanging in the water. When we returned to shore we found an old family owned winery and did a little tasting in the cellar.

It was also my birthday, so that night we danced our wine away in one of the squares til the clock struck midnight. Then like Cinderellas, we turned into pumpkins, scarfed down gelato, and slept before our trip to Hvar.

tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-12tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-13tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-17tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-18tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-19tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-16tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-15Hvar is a small island in Croatia that is perfect for seaside relaxation. Like the small fishing boats docked nearby, Ally, Deb and I posted up on the shore for hours in a welcoming day bed. The food was fresh and the wine was crisp. We explored by boat again and went to a small island with no roads and trekked our way around. I felt like an explorer discovering paradise for the first time.tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-14tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-8tara-lipinski-croatia-recap-20

I hope I can go back soon and discover it all again.

Xo, with fomo, Tara

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